I was born a U.S. citizen in Okinawa to a Hawaiian father and Japanese mother. I lived in Okinawa until aged eighteen when I went off to the US for college and I have been in the states ever since. Immediately after college, I worked several jobs including being a "Repo Man" and selling life insurance door-to-door. I soon found my footing and worked in the high tech industry for many years and my last corporate position was as a sales consultant with a major software company.

I began modeling on a lark and soon found that I enjoyed setting my own schedule. I then began modeling and webmastering full time and my main site, Akira Lane, has been online since 2000. I have since opened a fetish site, Pantyhose Lane and webmaster for several other sites as well. This site is my latest venture and serves as an "Akira Lane" sampler in lieu of a trial subscription program.

Highlights of my modeling/acting work include several of the late night cable movies (Thrust, The Accidental Stripper, and My Best Friend's Wife to name a few), many appearances on Playboy TV including Sexy Girl's Next Door and the magazine as well.

You will find me very different than the average internet model since I tend to do my own thing and don't spend a lot of time trying to live up to any particular standard other than my own.